dawn_felagund (dawn_felagund) wrote in silwritersguild,

Friendly Reminder about Dreamwidth Import

If you have content on this community, and if you are aware that we have imported the content of this community to Dreamwidth, please comment here.

(If you commented on my last post, you don't need to comment again. I have your name recorded on my trusty sticky-note pad!)

This would be a huge help to us, since we will need to contact everyone who has posted to this community to alert them of the import. If we know you know about it, you save us from having to privately contact you! :)

If you need to learn more about it, the decision about the Dreamwidth import is explained here, as well as how to contact us if you don't want your community posts on Dreamwidth.

However, commenting now does not mean that you agree or consent or like our decision ... just that you know we've imported your work. You still have every right to tell us to take it down, and we will. You're just helping us out by not making us contact you to tell you something you already know about.

Thanks to everyone who has commented so far and in advance to all you lovely people who are getting ready to comment right now! :)
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