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dawn_felagund [userpic]
Character Biography Needed
by dawn_felagund (dawn_felagund)
at November 17th, 2019 (04:22 pm)

Oshun and I have been planning the next few month's of character biographies, and we've decided to take a slightly different approach from how we usually handle scheduling bios. We are looking for someone willing to write a character biography on one of the following characters. The bio would be due on Friday, November 29, and would appear within the next three months. (It could be as early as the December newsletter, but since we're uncertain of other projects-in-progress, we can't commit firmly to that, but we can guarantee it will be in February's newsletter at the very latest.)
Here is the list of characters we are looking for:

  • Celebrian

  • Estë

  • Gothmog

  • Hador

  • Idril

  • Manwë

  • Olwë

  • Saruman

  • Shelob

  • Uinen

If you're interested in writing a bio on one of these characters, please comment here or let me know via PM or at moderator@silmarillionwritersguild.org. Expectations for character bios are below the cut.

Character Biography ExpectationsCollapse )

dawn_felagund [userpic]
November/December Challenge: Season's Greetings
by dawn_felagund (dawn_felagund)
at November 15th, 2019 (08:29 pm)

SWG Challenge November December 2019 Seasons Greetings

The last weeks of the year are upon us once again. Whether in the cold and dark of the northern hemisphere, the heat of summer in the south, or anywhere in between, this is a time of holidays and celebrations. And like our primary world, Middle-earth knows a series of holidays - not just at the end of the year, but all year round. In many cases, we don't have more than a name and a vague idea when these holidays are likely to happen. In other cases, bad things happen on the holidays - such as the Darkening of Valinor or the Fall of Gondolin. Only rarely do we get a little more information about how the holidays are actually celebrated.

This is where you come in! For this festive season, we invite you to create a fanwork in which one (or several) of the holidays of Middle-earth plays a role. Use it as the occasion that kickstarts your plot, let your characters prepare for a celebration never properly described in the books, write meta about the holiday/s of your choice, create postcards that the characters might be sending to their loved ones ... or whatever else tickles your fancy! It can be dramatic and heartbreaking like the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, rousing like the Mereth Aderthad, whimsical and sweet like the Nost-na-Lothion, or anything in between.

We have compiled a list of holidays that are mentioned in the Legendarium, sorted by the peoples who celebrate them, with a short explanation. Can't find a holiday that inspires you, or see that your preferred Middle-earth culture is underrepresented? No problem! We're also providing you with a short list of suggestions for creating your own holiday, and you're welcome to come up with additional ideas. As long as there’s a holiday somehow celebrated by characters from (or inspired by) the Legendarium, it's fair game!

Because this is a busy time of the year, we offer a reminder that there is no length requirement for our challenges. Also, the final challenge of the year runs for two months instead of one. Challenge entries are due by 10 January 2019 in order to receive a stamp. (Also keep in mind that January is always a "grace month" where you can complete any 2019 challenge and receive the stamp as well as the first stamp in your 2020 collection!) For full challenge guidelines, see the Challenge page on our website.

Holiday ListCollapse )

dawn_felagund [userpic]
"Start to Finish" Challenge Entries
by dawn_felagund (dawn_felagund)
at November 11th, 2019 (04:20 pm)

This past month's challenge asked fanworks creators to use a famous first line to start their story or inspire their fanwork. We had eight stories turned in for the challenge. If you're looking for something to read, go check them out and, if you enjoy the story, please consider letting the author know. All links go to the Table of Contents for the story, where you can learn more information about the story if needed.

Burn by Lferion. Two drabbles on burns hot and cold, pleasurable and productive.

The High Queen's Foretelling by Kaylee Arafinwiel. One day, in the orangery on Ilmarin, Queen Elindis, wife to Ingwe, and her adolescent great-niece Artanis have a quiet talk, and Elindis reveals some surprising information.

The Legacy of Loss by IgnobleBard. At the end of the War of Wrath a follower of Oromë finds a new purpose.

A Memory in Hand by Himring. Finduilas is still trying to settle in in Nargothrond, when she receives a gift from Finrod.

A Place to Rest by Independence1776. Elrond runs into Maglor after the latter has a momentous conversation with Mithrandir.

Sister, Love, Priestess, Wise-Woman, Queen by oshun. Elrond meets a long-lost family member for the first time. Written in response to the Start to Finish Challenge.

Situation Assessment by Grundy. Beren, newly arrived in Nargothrond, explains his predicament to Finrod.

To Remember by Raiyana. The Reborn Slain, those who fell in the First Kinslaying, are born from the Halls of Mandos into lives that are not quite familiar... Some chose to forget, but some... some chose to remember.

Housekeeping Notes: All stamp collections are updated. If you're missing stamps, they are really and truly missing; please let me know. You can comment here, email me at moderator@silmarillionwritersguild.org, or reach out over any of the SWG's social media.

As of today, I will be checking for new comments for the "In Rare Form" and "Start to Finish" challenges. If you leave a comment on an earlier challenge and need a stamp, just let me know! Comment challenges never expire.

Finally, the new challenge will be posted on November 15.

A fine specimen of hypermagical ultraomnipotence [userpic]
Lord of the Rings Secret Santa 2019 signups close in THREE DAYS!
by A fine specimen of hypermagical ultraomnipotence (empy)
at November 9th, 2019 (12:42 am)

Heads-up: there's a little over THREE DAYS left to sign up for the 2019 round of lotr_sesa! While small and intimate exchanges are wonderful in their own right, we're firm believers in "the more, the merrier". ;) So why not join us if you already haven't done so, and why not tell a friend?

The rules can be found in this post.

Timeline (2019):

- Signups: November 2nd to 11th.

- Assignments sent out: On or near November 14th.

- Assignments due: December 20th.

- Stories/art revealed: December 28th.

- Author/artist names revealed: January 3rd.
The sign up form can be found HERE (or here if the main link gives you an error message). If you need help with signing up, please don't hesitate to contact the mods at lotrsesa[AT]gmail.com.

You can also find us on Dreamwidth and Tumblr.

russandol [userpic]
November 2019 Newsletter Posted!
by russandol (nelyo_russandol)
at November 4th, 2019 (10:38 pm)

Our Our November newsletter has been posted!

Don't miss the chance to be hooked by our current "Start to Finish" challenge, where we invite you to start your fanwork using a famous first line from a list of renowned books.

Earlier this month, Yahoo! announced that, beginning October 28, it would not allow new content to be added to Groups. Of more concern, as of December 14, existing content on Groups would be deleted. Find out what actions have been taken or are in progress to address this closure. The mod team extends a warm welcome to four new members who signed up since our last newsletter.

Find a list of all the fanworks that updated or new to the archive in the New at the Archive section of the newsletter. Around the World and Web brings you with a selection of articles of interest from the Tolkien fandom and the fandom world at large, as well as challenges, fandom events, conferences, calls for papers, and more.

Many thanks to Elleth and Dawn for their work to make this month's newsletter possible!

A fine specimen of hypermagical ultraomnipotence [userpic]
Lord of the Rings Secret Santa 2019 signups are OPEN!
by A fine specimen of hypermagical ultraomnipotence (empy)
at November 3rd, 2019 (11:14 am)

Greetings from your friendly neighbourhood elves! (Hopefully of the Tolkien variety rather than the tiny and twee North Pole type. ^_~)

So, it's that time of the year again: time to sign up for the Lord of the Rings Secret Santa exchange! Slash, femslash, het and gen, fic and fanart; you can request it all, so why not join in? Sign-ups will run from now until November 11th.

Please note that this is an FPF challenge. (i.e. Fictional, not real people fiction/RPF.) We're always open to all the Peoples and Ages of Middle-earth, which means that characters from the Silmarillion and The Hobbit are welcome too!

The Rules (2019):

1. Your story (or fanart) is due December 20th 11:59 pm Pacific Time (you can check what that is in your time zone here) and will go online December 28th -- please post it to the community (and nowhere else, until January 3rd) and we will make it public on December 28th.

2. Naturally, it'd be better if you didn't talk too much about your fic/art beforehand in places where your recipient could see it. Also, as a matter of fairness, please make your story more than 500 words (1000 is better). For fanart we'd expect you to spend at least a couple of hours on your work.

3. Please only sign up if you plan on actually fulfilling your end of the bargain. If you're going to be late or cannot complete your assignment, please let us know so we can discuss alternate arrangements. In addition, there will be a pool of emergency replacement writers/artists, so that everyone who signs up gets their gift.

4. Signing up: the sign up form can be found here (or here if the main link gives you an error message). If you need help with signing up, please don't hesitate to contact the mods at lotrsesa[AT]gmail.com.

5. This year's timeline (2019):
- Signups: November 2nd to 11th.

- Assignments sent out: On or near November 14th.

- Assignments due: December 20th.

- Stories/art revealed: December 28th.

- Author/artist names revealed: January 3rd.
6. When you're done, please add your story/art to the collection on AO3. All gifts will be revealed on December 28th.

That should be it. Assignments will be sent out shortly after signups close, hopefully on or very shortly after November 14th, giving you approximately five weeks to finish your assignment. We realize that it's not possible that everyone gets to write their OTP, but we'll do our best to make sure you don't have to write something that squicks you, so be sure to let us know your preferences.

Have fun -- and spread the word!

[LotR SeSa on LJ] [Lotr SeSa on Dreamwidth] [LotR SeSa on Tumblr]

dawn_felagund [userpic]
Plans to Preserve the SilmarillionWritersGuild Yahoo! Group
by dawn_felagund (dawn_felagund)
at October 19th, 2019 (09:57 pm)

As many of you have heard, Yahoo! Groups will be deleting all web-based content as December 14. This includes the files and message archives of Groups and represents a potentially devastating loss of fandom history.

I have started a post to compile all information about how to personally preserve Groups, as well as projects that archive groups. I will update it as I learn more.

If you are a Yahoo! Group owner, please make plans for if/how you are going to download and preserve your group. See the link above for a form to fill out with this information. Please share this information with your Group so that your members know they do not need to step in to handle this. If you want someone to download/preserve your Group, let me know, and I will do it for you. PM me here or email me at DawnFelagund@gmail.com.

Group members, you can still download your Groups. You do not need to be an owner/mod. (However, as many projects will want owner permission to archive a Group, it is best to get that permission if you can, or for Group owners to share their plans with their Groups.)

I have downloaded the SWG group. It will be available on the SWG website and Archive.org at a minimum. I will submit it to other projects if appropriate. Of course, feel free to make a personal copy of it if you want.

dawn_felagund [userpic]
October Challenge: Start to Finish
by dawn_felagund (dawn_felagund)
at October 15th, 2019 (08:41 pm)

SWG Challenge October 2019 Start to Finish

Spend even five minutes reading advice on how to write powerful fiction, and you will likely encounter the concept of the hook: a first line or lines crafted to snare your reader into reading your story. Whether you believe in this advice or not, there are definitely books with first lines that leave the reader intrigued, puzzled, or awestruck, fitting overtures to some of the most powerful, profound novels written in English.

For this month's challenge, choose one of the famous first lines from the list below and use it to start your story. If you are creating a fanwork other than writing, you may use one of the first lines to inspire your fanwork. Challenge entries are due by November 10 in order to receive a stamp. As always, late entries are welcome but do not receive stamps.

Since you are using another author's first line, please credit the source in your story notes. Full challenge guidelines can be found on our website.

Prompt ListCollapse )

russandol [userpic]
October 2019 Newsletter Posted!
by russandol (nelyo_russandol)
at October 4th, 2019 (08:39 pm)

Our October newsletter has been posted!

Join our current "In Rare Form" challenge to explore genres and formats beyond those commonly utilized in the Tolkien fandom. We also welcome four new joiners who signed up during September. This month's character biography is Vardamir, by Himring. The eldest child of Elros, Vardamir serves as a contrast to later Númenórean kings. Originally featured October 2019.

Stay up to date with all the works that have been updated or completed at our SWG archive in the New at the Archive section of the newsletter. Last but not least, in Around the World and Web you will find a selection of articles of interest from the Tolkien fandom and the greater fandom world, as well as announcements of upcoming challenges, fandom events, conferences, calls for papers, and more.

Many thanks to Himring, Elleth, Angelica, and Dawn for their contributions to this month's newsletter!

dawn_felagund [userpic]
September 2019 Challenge: In Rare Form
by dawn_felagund (dawn_felagund)
at September 15th, 2019 (09:22 pm)

SWG September 2019 Challenge In Rare FormGapfiller. Romance. Slash. Drama. Horror. Hurt/comfort. These genres have populated fanzines and archives with stories for decades and continue to be popular among fanfiction writers. This month's challenge, however, invites fanworks creators to try something "in rare form," using a format or genre that is rarely utilized in Tolkien fanfiction.

Below, we have compiled lists of rare fanwork formats and rare genres. Choose one (or more!) from one of the lists and create a fanwork that fits the format or genre. Is there a rare format or genre you'd like to try that you don't see on the list? Feel free to ask! Either leave a comment here or email us at moderator@silmarillionwritersguild.org.

This month also has a recommendation challenge. Find a fanwork or few for one of the rare formats or genres listed below and recommend your favorite(s). Please post your recommendations to our Dreamwidth, LiveJournal, or Tumblr (please tag @silmarillionwritersguild) to receive the stamp.

This month's challenge will end on October 10. Late fanworks are always welcome but do not receive stamps. See our Challenges page for complete guidelines.

Rare Formats and GenresCollapse )

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