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B2MeM09: Day Five

Day Five

Day 5 Icon Consider something that you regret: something that you did and wish you could undo, something you didn't do and wish that you had. Think or write briefly about what you would do if you had a second chance and how you think your life might be different without that regret.

If your character would have a chance to start anew and with a clean slate, what would he or she do with such a chance? Write a story, poem or create an artwork where this is offered to them or how they execute such a chance.

To display today's icon or banner, please copy the code below.

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If you're looking for previous prompts or links to the responses written so far, you can find them here. (Do check out the entries so far, if you have not already! There is some amazing work!) Banners and icons for participation are here. The idea behind this year's B2MeM is simple enough, but for those who want to see exactly what it's about, check our homepage for the official guidelines!

Some reminders:

There are no deadlines for completing prompts. If it inspires you, write for it! That is the whole idea behind our B2MeM this year. :)

(We do ask, however, that folks writing the marathon thirty-one prompts try to finish by mid-April so that we're not making up banners into the Eighth Age!)

We are a Silmarillion group, but we encourage all Tolkien-based creative work during B2MeM. Feel free to post your work or links to your work in the comments on LJ posts or on our Yahoo! mailing list.

And ... have fun! :D
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