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B2MeM09:: Day Thirty: Mercurial Monday

Day Two--Mercurial Monday!

For Mercurial Monday, we offer B2MeM participants the choice of two prompts. Participants may choose whichever they prefer. In addition, the second prompt may be used in place of any other prompt in the challenge!

Day 30 Icon Think of an experience when you realised that you suddenly understood an idea, a skill, or a concept you had been struggling with--it might be something related to a class that you took or a specific skill you were trying to perfect it. Translate this moment to your Middle-earth character and capture this in a story, poem or piece of art.
Bob Dylan says "Don't criticize what you don't understand." Do you agree with this? Have you ever been criticized by someone who didn't understand you? Think or write briefly about this experience.

Now write a story, poem or create an artwork where unfounded criticism plays a central part.
Day 30 Icon

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I have updated the website with all links that I have received so far. I encourage all to check out the entries created so far--you will not be disappointed! :) You can find them here.

And icons and banners for participants can be found here.
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