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B2MeM 2011: Day Three--Vinyamar

Vinyamar Postcard
Photo courtesy of Tomasz Mazurkiewicz.

March 3: Vinyamar

The magnificent city Vinyamar, built on the slopes of Mount Taras, makes for the ideal place of bird-watching. From the majestic swan to the common sparrow, this is a must-visit place for the devoted birdwatcher. This magnificent settlement has much to offer: Lay your head to rest in the halls of Turgon’s halls and perhaps Ulmo and company might give you inspirational or daring dreams. (Please note, however, that the travel agency cannot be held responsible for its consequences). The architecture of the city showcases a magnificent blend of two cultures that first connected in Vinyamar and together built one of Elvenkind's most vibrant civilizations.

Today's Challenge:
Some people have difficulty embracing changes and moving on. Write a story or poem or create artwork that shows the consequences of refusing to change.

Vinyamar Passport Stamp Passport Stamp:
Once you complete the challenge, you may save today's image or copy the code below to display your passport stamp wherever HTML is acceptable. To have your stamp added to your passport, please comment on this post.

<img src="http://www.silmarillionwritersguild.org/images/b2mem11/vinyamar.png" alt="Vinyamar Passport Stamp" />

Please leave a comment here when you complete the challenge so that we may add the Vinyamar stamp to your passport! If you have your response posted publicly, please do include a link so that others can read your work!

Remember that your entry needs only to answer the challenge in the blue box; you do not need to include today's location (Vinyamar) in your response.
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