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B2MeM Day Seven--Belegost

Belegost Postcard
Photo courtesy of Philipp K..

March 7: Belegost

Legend has it that Gabilgathol translates from Dwarvish to "The City That Never Rains." You never have to worry about bad weather ruining your holiday to Belegost--this ancient Dwarven city is located inside a mountain! Belegost is Beleriand's ultimate shopping district, with gold jewelry, hand-thrown pottery, and first-class chainmail to tempt the most discerning shoppers. Try the Gabilgathol Pub Crawl to enjoy no fewer than 57 unique microbrews. The little ones will enjoy panning for gold and taking on the waterslides at the Gabilgathol Aqua Park!

Today's Challenge:
Overcoming prejudices is as hard in Middle-earth as in our primary universe. Write a story or poem or create artwork where the characters try to reach across racial or gender or any other barrier.

Belegost Passport Stamp Passport Stamp:
Once you complete the challenge, you may save today's image or copy the code below to display your passport stamp wherever HTML is acceptable. To have your stamp added to your passport, please comment on this post.

<img src="http://www.silmarillionwritersguild.org/images/b2mem11/belegost.png" alt="Belegost Passport Stamp" />

The first round of passports are nearly finished, so look for your link in your LJ or email inbox in the next few days! Please remember to comment on the day's post on this community in order to have that day's stamp added to your passport. We are only looking at this community when determining who needs what stamps on their passport. If you cannot post to LJ, please contact us at moderator@silmarillionwritersguild.org or websmith@lotrgfic.com to make alternate arrangements.

Remember, responses need only address the challenge in the blue box. While we have a few brave souls trying to incorporate each day's location as well, this is not required!
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