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B2MeM Day Nineteen: Rivendell

Rivendell Postcard
Photo courtesy of Roger Kirby, Yarik Mishin and Julie Engel.

March 19: Rivendell

View the amazing waterfalls of Imladris! Try Fly-fishing at the Fords of Bruinen! Enjoy the unsurpassed hospitality of The Last Homely House, the best bed-and-breakfast west of the Misty Mountains!

Today's Challenge:
"Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven."
--Tryon Edwards.

Write a story or create a piece of artwork centred on meetings or reunions.

Rivendell Passport Stamp Passport Stamp:
Once you complete the challenge, you may save today's image or copy the code below to display your passport stamp wherever HTML is acceptable. To have your stamp added to your passport, please comment on this post.

<img src="http://www.silmarillionwritersguild.org/images/b2mem11/rivendell.png" alt="Rivendell Passport Stamp" />

For those who noticed and fell in love with the amazing details Rhapsody included in her postcard for Bree the other day, she has kindly offered to make wallpaper from the image for anyone who's interested. Just drop a comment here!

I haven't been posting daily reminders lately, but since we have some new folks aboard (and may have others eying the challenge from afar but not sure if they want to get involved at this point), today's a good time for a quick recap.

Challenges never expire. So if you're coming along now and see something in the past 18 challenges to inspire you, please do create something for them--and, yes, please do request passport stamps too! We don't believe in "late" here. We do believe that we all have busy lives and uncooperative muses and can't always get a challenge done "on time"! :)

The question has come up as to when we will stop adding new stamps to passports. I'm willing to keep adding stamps for as long as folks are still creating for challenges, with the understanding that, after B2MeM, I won't be budgeting time every day for the event and won't be as on-the-ball with getting stamps added as our mods working on passports have been. But if you're hoping to write for some of the challenges in the next few months or over the summer and want a passport, please do request one!

I think everyone who's commented here should have heard from a mod about their passport by now. If you have not, please leave a comment here or drop me a line at DawnFelagund@gmail.com.

And (last thing!) ... you do not need to post a piece publicly to get a stamp for it. That includes works in progress. (Some participants, for example, are responding to challenges as part of longer WiPs.) And for those who prefer to write longer stories, you may respond to and receive stamps for multiple challenges completed in a single story. (Part of me is tempted, when I actually get around to doing these challenges myself, to find a way to work them all into a single long story ...)

Happy writing/drawing/creating, everyone! :)
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