February 15th, 2015

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Happy International Fanworks Day!

Here is the reality for creators of Tolkien-based fanworks: Many (if not most) of us have hidden or do hide our fannish activities from people in our "real lives." We have all seen creators of fanworks mocked and stereotyped in the mainstream media and pop culture. We have heard published authors whom we read and admire tell us that we aren't "real writers" or "good enough" to come up with our own worlds and characters. Even within the Tolkien fandom, many of us have experienced the not-so-subtle disapproval from other fans over how we choose to engage with the texts.

Today, though, we turn our backs on those things. Today we can celebrate, acknowledge, and be proud of how hard we've worked to improve as writers, artists, and as deep thinkers about Tolkien's world. Today, we recognize that fanworks aren't new at all but a tradition that goes as deep as the roots of literature (and one which Tolkien himself practiced as well) and we perpetuate that tradition. Today, everyone should look around themselves and realize that they keep company with people who put many published authors and so-called Tolkien scholars to shame. It's International Fanworks Day! \0/

Several stories have been posted so far for our International Fanworks Day challenge. Moderated status has been removed from the community, so if you haven't posted your piece yet, you can do so whenever you're ready. As always, late entries are perfectly fine. I will add stories to the list here as they are posted to the community. Also, please feel free to cross-post your piece wherever you want--we want the Tolkien fanworks community to come out in force today!

Please do check out the stories that have been posted so far and consider leaving the authors a note if you do! :)

Fate is Yours to Choose by silverstarspray. With all the geological upheavel caused by the War of Wrath, the Blue Mountains are not, perhaps, the safest place to be. Written for the Back to Nature, Olore Malle, and Circle of Life (which was my trade-in) prompts. [Teens, mild violence]

Stargazing by fadesintothewes. Posted for the International Day of Fanswork Challenge for prompt 39: A lesson learned. Fingon teaches his son about the stars. This chapter is from another story that wasn't necessarily all Silmfic and is not posted on SWG. I thought this fit the prompt perfectly so I decided to share it here. [General]

Harvester of Sorrow by binkaslibrary. For the International Day of Fanworks, a short fic. My prompt: Things We Never Said, First Meetings, and Lost Letters. An orc and his grim job. [Adult, death and gore]

Fallen through the Cracks by hhimring. On the Ice, Lalwen makes a disturbing observation... A crack solution (pun intended) to the problem of some of Tolkien's missing women. Crossover. Written for International Day of Fanworks Challenge: for the following prompts: Beyond the Circles of Middle-earth, The Color of .., Season of Change. (c. 1050 words) [Teens, mild sexual content (slash, femslash)]

A Reunion in Dor Dínen by broadbeam. As the host of Noldor make their way to Middle-earth, a reunion takes place in Dor Dínen. Inspired by three challenges: First Lines, Another Place in Time, and Inventions. [Teens, body horror]

The Kindler Explains Space to the Children by ladyelleth. The Starkindler reminisces on the Beyond - and hopes. [General]

a thousand years above her by moetushie. Írimë lives again. [Teens, character death]

More Than Are Dreamt Of by samtyr. They also serve who only stand and wait. [Teens]

The Shovel by huinare. En route to Valinor, Mahtan meets one of the Maiar and learns about the mechanics of floating islands. [General]

The End is the Beginning by fadesintothewes. Death is only another beginning for Fingon, for the prompt, "The End is the Beginning." [General]

We also have quite a few winners of the review challenge: Tallulah, Akallabeth/periodicpumpkin, Himring, Elleth, and Independence1776. If you completed the review challenge, please let me know so that I can add you to the winners' list!

Finally, I have made some banners and icons for participants in this year's challenge to use. Either upload the image to your own host or copy the HTML beneath each banner and paste it in wherever HTML is allowable. If anyone else has made IFD banners that they'd like to share with our participants here, just let me know, and I will add them!

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Silm: Varda

The Kindler Explains Space to the Children

Title: The Kindler Explains Space to the Children
Author: Elleth (ladyelleth)
Rating: General
Warnings: None
Summary: The Starkindler reminisces on the Beyond - and hopes.
Notes: A triple drabble for International Fanworks Day, for the prompts End is the Beginning, Parting’s Sorrow and Wish Upon a Star. The title was adapted from the poem that helped inspire this story, God Explains Space to His Angels by Sid Gomez Hildawa.

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starry wisdom
  • huinare

The Shovel

Title: The Shovel
Author: Huinárë
Rating: General
Warnings: n/a
Summary: En route to Valinor, Mahtan meets one of the Maiar and learns about the mechanics of floating islands.
Notes: Written for International Fanworks Day. This can be read as a stand-alone story, but is also the first part of a projected 4-chapter story. This installment responds to only one of my prompts ("First Meetings").

ETA - This chapter, as well as the second chapter, are now archived on SWG. I do intend to finish the story (and have it founder in the B2MeM avalanche) while March is yet young.

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