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Henneth-Annun Story Archive Closing at the End of 2014

I am sad to report that HASA announced earlier today that they will be closing down the site at the end of 2014. HASA is one of the oldest and most respected Tolkien fanfic archives. They helped to shape the fandom, and many wonderful stories are archived there. The closing of their site will be a huge loss to the Tolkien fanfic community.

The admins are presently advising HASA members to begin saving their stories and moving them to other archives or platforms. Of course, we all know that it is not that simple. The site is 12 years old. Many of the authors are not active anymore, and even with more than three months of warning, many will not find out that the site is closing or have time to move their work until it is too late.

It goes without saying that any Silmarillion-based writing is welcome on our archive. But that does not address orphaned stories or authors who simply do not have the time to transfer their work before HASA closes. To that end, I would like to encourage people to recommend authors (including themselves!) for our Library of Tirion project. LofT was started several years ago as a way to archive and preserve stories that were written prior to the opening of the SWG archive in 2007. The link above will take you to a form where you can request authors you'd like us to contact for the Library of Tirion. You can also email us or use any other means of contact (like commenting here! :) to make your recommendations. Given that HASA is closing, we will archive HASA stories posted after 2007 in order to save those stories.

Likewise, if you are a HASA author and you are having trouble getting your stories archived before the closing of the site, please contact us so that we can help. We do not want to see stories and fandom history lost. Please don't be shy or that your work isn't important or think it doesn't matter--it is and it does, and we are here to help!

Of course, I realize that only a small percentage of the stories archived on HASA are eligible for the SWG. For Tolkien-based stories inspired by LotR and TH, please contact me personally (either comment here or email me at DawnFelagund@gmail.com). I also work as a moderator on the Many Paths to Tread archive and would be happy to help people archive their stories there.

I want to close by thanking Anglachel, Nath, and the HASA admins and volunteers. When most of fandom is writing and creating and squeeing and sharing their stories, these are the people who work tirelessly and often thanklessly to make that possible. You all have given so much to this community. Thank you.
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