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"Aurë entuluva" by Lyra (Revolution challenge)

Title: Aurë entuluva!
Artist: Lyra
Genre: Sign/postcard
Warnings: bad calligraphy.
Characters: N/A (well, implied Húrin, I guess)
Summary: Húrin's famous battle cry makes a fine protest sign. Or maybe just a motivational postcard :P

So for B2MeM, I wanted to paint Eärendil battling Ancalagon for the "Darkness Falling" prompt, but that turned out to be rather beyond my capacities. I'll still give it another try, but it's probably going to take all year so I needed something more do-able... and also something uplifting. Sooo I remembered that when I made some sloppy protest signs for the SWG challenge stamps, I actually quite liked the "Aurë entuluva" one and decided to re-make it, more orderly and with a more fitting colour scheme this time. Might work as a protest sign or postcard or t-shirt or whatnot...

Come to think of it, it's rebellious in two directions; towards Morgoth, against whom Húrin actually utters it in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, and against Thingol's ban, because it's Quenya. Huh. As it happens, the other battle-cries we know from the Nirnaeth - Utúlië n'aurë etc., Auta i lomë - are also Quenya. Supposedly, the Noldor hardly used Quenya anymore at this point, but apparently, they made an exception on this special occasion? You can't tell me that's not meant to flip off Doriath (THANKS FOR NOTHING, THINGOL). Not by Húrin, maybe, but definitely by Fingon. Heh.

Anyway! Day shall come again!

Crossposted to the B2MeM community. Thrift, thrift, Horatio...
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