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October 2019 Newsletter Posted!

Our October newsletter has been posted!

Join our current "In Rare Form" challenge to explore genres and formats beyond those commonly utilized in the Tolkien fandom. We also welcome four new joiners who signed up during September. This month's character biography is Vardamir, by Himring. The eldest child of Elros, Vardamir serves as a contrast to later Númenórean kings. Originally featured October 2019.

Stay up to date with all the works that have been updated or completed at our SWG archive in the New at the Archive section of the newsletter. Last but not least, in Around the World and Web you will find a selection of articles of interest from the Tolkien fandom and the greater fandom world, as well as announcements of upcoming challenges, fandom events, conferences, calls for papers, and more.

Many thanks to Himring, Elleth, Angelica, and Dawn for their contributions to this month's newsletter!
Tags: newsletter; vardamir
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