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April 2021 Challenge: Queens of the Quill

SWG Challenge April 2021 Queens of the Quill

April is poetry month and Legendarium Ladies April, so in the spirit of both, this month's prompts will be poems by women writers. If you'd like to receive a prompt for this month's challenge, comment here, comment on our Dreamwidth, send us an ask on Tumblr, or email us at moderator@silmarillionwritersguild.org. Some of our poetic prompts are about heavier topics. If you'd rather avoid these (or any particular topic), just let us know in your request!

In honor of Legendarium Ladies April, we encourage participants to combine our challenge with LLA prompts, and we will have a special stamp for fanworks that do. Please make sure your story notes indicate the LLA prompt(s) you completed for your fanwork if you want to receive this stamp. You may use any past LLA prompts.

In order to receive a stamp for your fanwork, your response must be posted to the archive on or before 10 May 2021. For complete challenge guidelines, see the Challenges page on our website.

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