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Author: Ellie
Beta: Julie
Warnings: None
Rating: PG
Type: General/Angst
Characters: Finarfin, Fëanor
Setting : Tirion the Noldorin city in Valinor

Summary: Upon his return to Tirion after the kin-slaying at Alqualondë, Finarfin ponders anew the words of Fëanor that led the Noldor to leave Valinor and finds meaning in them that Fëanor never intended.

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Better late than never. Silm poems for Digdigil and Enis..

Poetry meme revisited: http://www.livejournal.com/users/ford_of_bruinen/42366.html

Digdigil's request "How about something sexy or angsty involving Caranthir? We don't hear too much about him!" Well I tried for a bit of both...

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Eni's request was "I think... Finarfin coming back to repent after the Doom of the Noldor and all that, throwing himself on the mercy of the Valar. And bonus points if you can get Ingwë in there too."

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Story: Footnote to the Akallabeth

Title: Footnote to the Akallabeth

Rating: General

Warnings: Some criticism of the Valar

Genre: Somewhere between humour and serious

Summary: The reaction of some leading Noldor to the attempted invasion of Valinor and what the Valar did about it...  Qualifies for Finarfin Appreciation Month, I think, although I wrote it some time ago.


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Finarfin Appreciation Fic: Anticipation

Author: Ellfine (Ellie)
Beta: Many, many thanks to Julie and thanks to Ghettoelleth for the help with Quenya
Warnings: none
Rating: PG
Setting: Valinor, 4th Age
Characters: Finarfin, Eärwen, Galadriel
Summary: Finarfin awaits his daughter’s return home from Middle-earth.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or settings. They all belong to Tolkien.

Notes: I thought I had already posted this here, but I hadn't, so I managed to have something for the month appreciating my favorite elf.

My daughter has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. After watching her and my husband play together one evening, it got me thinking about Finarfin and Galadriel and what their relationship might have been like. I hope I posted this correctly (I always seem to mess up the first go round posting here). Please let me know what you think of this little fic.

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This story owes a lot to dawnfelagund's great story "ANOTHER MAN'S CAGE". It takes place sometime after her tale, and is humour-oriented. There is explicit het sex in this story, as well as some mild slash (nothing too graphic, not to me, anyway).

AUTHOR: digdigil
SUB-TITLE: A Day In The Life of Finarfin
WARNINGS: Explicit het sex, mild slash.
PAIRINGS: Finarfin/Eärwen, Maedhros/Fingon

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The Accidental King: Five Reasons Why Finarfin Deserves an Appreciation Month

When I first considered the notion of celebrating a Finarfin Appreciation Month, I brought up the subject to my friends in the online Tolkien community as well as the members of the Silmarillion Writers' Guild, to see if such an event would actually be something in which people would want to participate. The responses I received could basically be dichotomized as such:

1) "Yes! Finarfin deserves an appreciation month! Why hasn't Finarfin Appreciation Month been declared before??"


2) "Finarfin? Why Finarfin?"

So I am taking on this second question--"Why Finarfin?"--in hopes of convincing those non-Finarfanatics out there why the current High King of the Noldor is deserving of greater attention in stories and why January has been declared Finarfin Appreciation Month.

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FAME - Finarfin Appreciation Month Entry

Okay, so I'll stop with the corny acrostic style subject line...

Here is my entry for Finarfin Appreciation Month. A drabble on the knightly virtue Courage. (If you'd like to see all seven virtues, you can go to my journal). 

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Since we seem to have a rather uncheerful trend going on, I'm going to try giving the poor elf some chocolate and see if I can't turn out a happy!Finarfin piece next time!

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My Finarfin fic.

Too Late.

In the camp of Eonwe, the fire the guards sat by was dying. King Finarfin, High King of the Noldor, looked at the fire in slight annoyance. Those men should know better, he thought. Morgoth might have been defeated, and he might have been chained by Tulkas with the great enchanted chain Angainor that Aule had wrought in ages past but that did not mean all evil was gone from Middle-Earth. And thus, Finarfin considered the guards took an unnecessary risk, gathered as they were around the dying fire, talking, in front of the tent in which lay the iron bound box that held the Silmarils.

Even through their heavy container the great Jewels made by his brother Feanor gleamed, and Finarfin thought that of all the possible dangers that lay in the woods, wargs, wolves and orcs who had escaped the slaughter the greatest danger lay in two men of his own kin, his nephews Maedhros and Maglor, the only two yet living of Feanor's seven sons. They had sent a message to Eonwe, Manwe's herald demanding the Silmarils be yielded to them in fulfilment of their Oath. However, the brothers had returned no answer to Eonwe's own demands that they yield themselves to go back to Aman for judgement. This worried Finarfin, for he had heard of the cruel deeds in Middle-earth of the Sons of Feanor in their so far futile attempts to regain the Silmarils.

As the King walked closer to the fire, he was able to hear the conversation of the guards. They were spooning stew from a pot next to the fire, and arguing hotly over the merits of that particular recipe. The two dark haired Noldor guards, men from Finarfin's own household, complained that wine should never be used as a flavouring ingredient in stew, stating it was a substitute for the correct long and slow simmering necessary to draw out the tenderness and natural flavouring of the meat. Their Vanyar companions were defending the marinating of game meat such as venison, saying that the wine was necessary to correctly cook such an old stag as the hunters had foolishly slain. The discussion was becoming very lively, the subject of venison being dropped in favour of cakes and various desserts. The recipes being tossed around were enough to make Finarfin wish for some of the delicious foods, but something was nagging at the King's mind, the night seemed too still and quiet.

Two shadowy figures burst suddenly from the trees near the fire. They were covered in heavy cloaks, which they did not fling aside until they drew long swords and slew the guards. Finarfin saw them coming but he was too late in his warning. Too late to assist the guards as he ran towards the tent. Too late to stop his nephews, for such he realised the two men were, reclaiming the Silmarils.

As he fell to his knees in shock at the sight of the slaughtered guards he was too late to ask Eonwe not to let Maedhros and Maglor flee. He did not want his kinsmen slain, but captured. He struggled to his feet, not really wanting to face the sight of more dead elves killed by their own kind; he suddenly understood two words represented his life.

Too late to stop the Kinslaying, or the Curse of the Noldor. Too late to come to Middle-Earth and see his children; too late to see his sons for they were all dead. His daughter was married to a Sindarin Prince, and although he had sent messages it seemed it was too late for her to forgive him turning back to Aman all those years ago, for she would not see him.

And last, all those years ago, he was too late to try to stop his brother and his seven sons swearing their dreadful oath which started all the horrible killings of elf by elf. Sobbing, Finarfin collapsed by the dead guards, too late again, his tortured mind screamed at him. Too late to save the lives of these men, too late to save the last of his brothers' sons from their Oath, too late too late, all was in Illuvator’s hands but it was too late for the One's help too? Finarfin did not know, and found he did not care. All he could hear was two words: too late, too late.

"Return to Me," for Finarfin Appreciation Month

Title: Return to Me
Author: dawn_felagund
Rating: General
Warnings: bloody and scary/disturbing imagery, discussion of death, some sexuality
Summary: Finafin (Arafinwë) is called to the Halls of Mandos to assist Namo in the re-embodiment of Finrod (Findarato).

I wrote this story as a holiday gift for fanged_geranium, who graced me with the challenge to write a story that included a conversation between grown-up Finrod and Finarfin. Immediately, upon reading her request, this story started to spin itself in my mind, and it has proven a plotbunny that is difficult to dislodge. It was posted in my LiveJournal with the rest of my holiday gift fics in late December, but I am posting it here and now in honor of Finarfin Appreciation Month.

This is actually the first chapter of what will eventually be a novella about Finrod's return to Valinor. This chapter with his father, though, I think stands well enough on its own.

I have done no revision on this story, so comments--both good and bad--are welcome. I owe my gratitude to fanged_geranium for the challenge and to rhapsody11 for giving me the nudge to make good on my pledge to honor Finarfin this month. Thank you!

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